Leone Resources has developed two rice drying and milling centres; one at each of the main farm units in Sella Limba chiefdowm and Tonko Limba. As investment permits, these facilities will be centralised and expanded at a new location close to company HQ in Kamakwie, adjacent to the main road which is in the process of being improved as part of the national roads programme.

This new processing facility will also house the second phase of moringa processing equipment which currently comprises a leaf drying and powdering facility and an automated tablet production line, complete with a 5 tonne pressure press, along with a hygienic packing and dispatch facility.

Rice processing will partly move away from the traditional bulk 50kg sack model and focus more on smaller size retail packs, right down to 1kg, allowing the marketing and develpment of the Leone Rice brand throighout Sierra Leone.

By combining all processing capability into one large hub, the company will reap economies in terms of centralised power generation, water purification as well as staff logistics and management.

This in turn will allow the company to include other crops in the processing mix. The main opportunity is groundnuts, using Leone Resources' own outgrower scheme which already comprises the largest groundnut farm in the chiefdom. Fruit pressing and drying is also planned to harness the local mango and pineapple crops. Ginger, spices, tamarind, peppers and honey also have commercial processing potential. 

The aim throughout is to add value, develop skills and build success for the long term.


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