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Moorbridge Court, Moorbridge Road, Maidenhead, Berkshire, SL6 8LT

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62a Sir Samuel Lewis Road, Aberdeen, Freetown, Sierra Leone

1 Sabuya Street, Kamakwie, Bombali District, Sierra Leone

Ethos and sustainability

Leone Resources is a commercial business but has a strong ethos of sustainability, support for the local community and protection of the environment. The company believes that building long-term successful business in Sierra Leone is the way to create change and deliver improvements in the lives of the local people.

 All Leone Resources' workers and managers are local Sierra Leoneans, many of whom have been with the company for several years. Alusine Turay, for example, (pictured) manages the company's moringa plantation and has been with the company for more than five years. He runs a team of up to 60 field workers and oversees more then 100 groundnut outgrowers who interplant on areas of the plantation.

As well as growing its own primary crops and supporting a large network of outgrowers, the company's strategic focus is on building the range and extent of its crop processing capabilities to add value and work higher up the agricultural value chain. 

The Company

Leone Resources has been working in Sierra Leone since 2009. Richard Meads, the company's MD (pictured) has been travelling there since 2002. From small beginnings, the company developed quickly to become the one of the largest agricultural business in the Sella Limba chiefdom by 2014, growing rice and developing the largest plantation of moringa trees in the country.

2014 saw the arrival of the Ebola epidemic in west Africa. The initial effects on the business were modest. However, as time passed the impact on the local and regional economy and the people became severe and business conditions became much more difficult. Some major companies went out of business completely. However, Leone Resources remained active throughout the crisis and contributed significantly to the relief effort.

After post-Ebola retrenchment and revitalisation for 2016/17, now, for 2018, Leone Resources has built new Moringa processing facilities and developed an intensive Moringa leaf farm and is preparing to succeed in a country full of opportunity.

Powder & tablets 
Processing crops 
Growing Moringa 

Leone Resources is  a UK-owned business based in the north of Sierra Leone. The company is pioneering the large-scale cultivation and processing of moringa, the 'miracle tree', for local and export sales as well as growing local varieties of rice